Step by Step

So I've gotten bored and decided to post up a page to show my progress on weapons. It's interesting to me anyway : D The more recent weapons I've done I have tried to keep a progress report on how it's coming together piece by piece. With all of them I started to add comments about how hard/or what I was thinking of the project during the construction, so I'm also going to post that just for fun.

Project #001 - Hige's Collar (Wolf's Rain)
Comments: One of the first things I made for a costume. Actually I made an original one for Halloween one year and then lost it. But I went cosplaying as Hige my second year at Otakon (2006) so I made an exact replica of the first collar, only this one came out much better and more sturdy. I got hugged twice for being Hige : ) and saw only one other Hige that year. I replaced the paper emblem with a metal one, which makes it look much cooler.

Project #002 - Hand Blade (MIR original)
Comments: Donít really remember when I made this, I just think I was bored, actually carved it from a piece of plywood with an A sized blade, no sanding, I just used my knife to cut and shape the blade. Then I glued the black handle part right onto the blade, itís actually two separate pieces.

Project #003 - Kidd's Necklace (Chrono Cross)
Comments: A necklace I made for my friend, completely out of sculpey clay for her costume (Otakon 2006) It ended up being kind of heavy, but I do remember someone at Otakon liking her necklace >.> even though they didnít know who she was.

Project #004 - Kidd's Dagger (Chrono Cross)
Comments: A weapon to go with the necklace I made. The dagger was easy, but the sheath was a little harder to make. But it came out cool, it looked really good with her costume. I actually made the weapon for Halloween of 05, but my friend decided to cosplay as her in Otakon 06.

Project #005 - ("Keiran's" Sword)
Comments: A replica of a weapon that an RP character of mine has. The blade is supposed to be made of diamond, so I used a clear plastic sheet, that I cut into strips, to make it. The hilt was made from wood and paper, and it was flimsy at best, because I just taped the blade down onto the hilt.

Project #006 - Wicked Lady's Earrings (Sailor Moon)
Comments: The original crystals that I bought were either blue or clear, I donít remember, but all I did was color them with a black permanent marker because I couldnít find black ones to begin with. Iíd almost forgotten that I made these. They were my first attempted at jewelry,Ö not my forte.

Project #1 - Oathkeeper Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Comments: I consider this my first actual serious project. It took a lot of work, and along time for me to finish it. Even though itís one of my first, I still considering it to be one of my best pieces. It is well put together and highly durable. I think the paint job is okay, but now that I look back I feel I could have done better. I like making keyblades, but they are high on the difficulty rating and level of work.

Project #2 - Oblivion Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Comments: Not nearly as hard as its predecessor the Oathkeeper Keyblade, it was still a lot of work because it was complex in shape, and like the Oathkeeper it had to be made of plywood (much harder to cut through) But I would still give it a great rating on durability.

Project #3 - Icebrand (Final Fantasy XII) - TERMINATED
Comments: I ended Icebrand because the construction of the sword was poor. It was my first broadsword and since then I have learned better ways to make them. But this one was just too 2-d and flat. Iím not sure if I will re-do this piece in the future or not.

Project #4 - Arashi's Katana (X)
Comments: My first sword, it came out really good. I realized how annoying it is to carve the curve of a katana and make it exact. Curved swords are more difficult, and take more wood to make because of the shape. It did take a beating when we went to Otakon in 07í and the very tip of the blade chipped off a bit : )

Project #5 - Ultimate Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts) - TERMINATED
Comments: Project failed because it was initially drawn too small. I didnít realize the size was wrong until I cut out the first piece, and by then I had many other projects I was working on, so I just scrapped this one. It took most of my time just drawing this piece because it was so intricate. I had to draw a graph onto my wood in order to measure everything right and get the pieces to fit exactly. I like this weapon and I will possibly return to it in the future.

Project #6 - Sailor Cosmos' Staff (Sailor Moon)
Comments: I donít really think I would call this project hard at all. The only real carving I did was the wings at the top. The balls on the staff are made of Dylite (apparently itís just a stronger type of styrofoam) because it would have been impossible for me to drill a hole into a wooden ball (plus I couldnít find a wooden ball big enough).

Project #7 - Sailor Pluto's Staff (Sailor Moon)
Comments: I like the way this staff came out, though it seems to be on a path to destruction. It was my own fault for carving the staff head out of basswood, instead of plywood (which I now know, holds much better for staffs) The staff head actually broke off once at my house and was repaired, then again when we got back from Otakon 08í. One time they key part of the staff cracked off also, but that was easy to repair.

Project #8 - Kurogane's Katana (Tsubasa)
Comments: Another katana, only bigger. At first I was expecting to do a crappier version of the dragonís head (a picture from the anime) but ended up just trying the manga one, and it came out much better. It was really annoying carving the dragonís head from a solid block of wood, but it came out really nice. I also like the way the grip turned out.

Project #9 - Fai's Staff (Tsubasa)
Comments: This staff took a lot of thinking more than anything else. I carved the head of plywood, and made the crystal out of a plastic framing panel. I cut the plastic into strips according to size and taped them together using transparent tape. It actually didnít come out so bad, I didnít think it was going to hold together. The ingenious thing about it was using clear fishing wire to hold the crystal in place so it looked like it was floating.

Project #10 - Demon Sword "Morgif" (Kyo Kara Maoh)
Comments: I canít remember this being very hard or easy. In fact itís not really one of my more memorable projects. I made this for my friends for her birthday because her and I both like Kyo Kara Maoh. It was hard to find a picture of this sword, and I ended up using a scan from one of my dvd covers.

Project #11-a - Diclonius Horns (Elfen Lied)
Comments: I was planning to cosplay as Lucy in 08í, and although I never got around to it that year, I still plan on being her in 09í. I wanted to make horns, and I tried with the material I use most, wood. They came out okay, but were kind of flat in dimension. I ended up giving them to my friend because she was going to be Nana.

Project #11-b - Diclonius Horns (Elfen Lied)
Comments: Another set of the same horns, only made out of clay. I like them better for Lucy because I was able to make the broken one (like it is in the end of the series) and they are slightly smaller than the ones made of wood.

Project #12 - Meru's Hammer (Legend of Dragoon)
Comments: Boy I will never forget this one. I was looking for wood for months before I finally decided on balsawood, and I had to go downtown to Pearl in order to get the pieces I needed. This one I am very proud of because it took a lot of work and it came out really nice. This was my most costly project because of the wood I needed.

Project #13 - Dart's Sword (Legend of Dragoon)
Comments: I started this project in January of 08í and didnít finish it until December of 08í. It was a project I was making for no one in particular, so I put it aside when Otakon started to come around so I could work on other projects and my costume. However, I finally did finish it, even though it didnít come out as nice as I thought it would.
05/18/2010 Ė Decided to take another look at the sword and fix the detail work on the blade, which was uneven from side to side. This meant cutting it apart and sizing one side downÖ I always hate breaking things Iíve made >.<

Project #14 - Lavitz's Spear (Legend of Dragoon)

Project #15 - Albert's Javelin (Legend of Dragoon)

Project #16 - Cloud's Buster Sword -MINI- (Final Fantasy VII)
Comments: I think maybe I was just bored when I made this. I was looking at a picture of Cloudís sword I found online and just started to carve them. I didnít put much effort into it, nor did it take much time to make.

Project #17 - Squall's Gunblade -MINI- (Finaly Fantasy VIII)
Comments: I was planning on making a small version of Squallís gunblade, and then also making a big version to surprise my friend. I thought Iíd make a small version just to see if I could do it, but never ended up making a large one.

Project #18 - Seifer's Gunblade "Hyperion" (Final Fantasy VIII)
Comments: This is what I made instead of a larger version of Squallís gunblade, for my friend. It was the first time I had to carve a gun (I donít particularly like guns) but it came out good. Though I did notice afterwards that it is a little crooked when you hold the gun grip.

Project #19 - Sailor Cosmos' Brooch (Sailor Moon)
Comments: All of these projects were made for my friend of her cosmos costume. It was mostly card stock and dylite balls, and wasnít all that hard to make.

Project #20 - Gurdy's Moogle Pompom (Finaly Fantasy XII)
Comments: Itís a craft boa wrapped in a ball and stuck on the end of a wire,Ö Though it was kind of annoying because I had to keep adding wire because it kept bending all the way. I ended up wrapping up several pieces of wire in floral tape so they looked nicer. I don't know how you'd ever get it to stand upright.

Project #21 - Beatrix's Sword (Final Fantasy 9)

Project #22 - Yuna's Staff "Guillionaire" (Final Fantasy X2)
Comments: I crafted the support for the head poorly while trying to do less work and use less wood, ended up biting me in the butt. The staff cracked off twice before I was finally able to get it to stay with a collaboration of super glue and hot glue. Right now I think Iíve got it stabilized, but I still give it a durability of 1 because Iím unsure of it.

Project #23 - Yuri's Claws "Chimera's Claws" (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
Comments: These are the first weapons that kind of brought me out of my 2-D world. I had to put a lot of thought into how to make them because of their odd shape, and the only picture I had was a picture I took from the screen of my video game. The feathers donít totally match the picture, but I donít think anyone really would notice. Overall this was one of my favorite projects.

Project #24 - Yuri's Talisman "Periapt" (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
Comments: It took me months to find a round red bead 25mm in width that I could use for the periapt. I ended up having to buy a bag off 20 offline just to get the one that I wanted (yeah that sucked, but I do still have them and I have used them in other projects too). The clay part around the jewel was actually pretty annoying to construct. Because I couldnít bake the bead inside the clay, I had to cut the clay in half once Iíd gotten the shape, and then glue it back together around the bead once they were hardened.

Project #25a - The Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)
Comments: Well this one wasnít as bad as I thought it would be. It came out looking so much like the actual sword, I was very happy : ) there wasnít anything unusually hard about it. The most difficult part was carving the cross guard into its round shape from a square piece.

Project #25b - The Master Sword: Sheath (Legend of Zelda)
Comments: Since Iíve never attempted to make a sheath before this was kind of difficult. And Iím sure my design could have been better, but at least it held together the way I made it. I couldnít carve out the designs in it because the wood was already too thin and Iím afraid I would have cracked the whole thing if I attempted that. I used strips of paper cut into shapes to give the design a raised look to it.

Project #25c - Hylian Shield (Legend of Zelda)
Comments: Very first shield, probably my last, didnít come out as perfect as I wanted it to. It has had a crack in it several times across the front which I re-painted. I didnít realize until after that the shield is for a left handed person (for use in the right hand) Otakon 2010 the handle broke off and I have yet to fix it.. you know, procrastination and all.

Project #26 - Syaoran's Staff (Tsubasa)
Comments: This one was more trying as far as sheer size goes. It was very hard to get a perfect circle for the staff head, and I had to use the biggest piece of plywood I can buy (1/8Ē x 12" x 24"). The head was actually harder than the bottom end of it, which was just more delicate work.

Project #27 - Syaoran's Goggles (Tsubasa) - TERMINATED
Comments: Ended this project because it came out very bad, honestly. My idea for making goggles didnít come out the way Iíd hoped, so I just trashed them.

Project #28 - Syaoran's Brooch (Tsubasa) - TERMINATED
Comments: These came out good, but I changed my costume at the last minute and had no use for these.

Project #29 - Sakura's Gun (Tsubasa)
Comments: It took me a while to find a picture and I only had one out of a manga. I kind of made up some of this one, trying to go by the picture I had at the same time. Itís just a gun, but still I donít really know guns (still donít like making them) As in Seiferís gunblade, the trigger was the weakest part and kept breaking off. But as long as no one tries to pull it, it should stay in place.

Project #30 - Umi's Rapier (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Comments: Made this one for my friend, it wasnít really hard at all, just delicate because it was a thin blade.

Project #31 - Fuu's Sword (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Comments: Biggest sword Iíve ever made, put a lot of work into making this one. It wasnít difficult as far as detail goes but it was just a lot of carving/sanding for the parts.

Project #32 - Hikaru's Sword (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Comments: Told my friends that if I ever managed to finish the Magic Knightís weapons that we could cosplay as them (and now we are, hopefully in Otakon 2009 : p ). So I finished Hikaruís sword, which is kind of doubling as my Christmas gift to my friend also. It was hard to make, yes, it took as much wood as Fuuís sword even though it was shorter. The hilt itself is carved out of a flat piece of wood, so I really feel like itís a work of art ^^

Project #33 - Fai's Coat Buckles (Tsubasa)
Comments: Just a simple wooden carving made to look like the clasp on Faiís jacket. It doesnít open or close, but I figured my friend was just going to glue it onto her coat or something.

Project #34 - Sailor Pluto's Earrings (Sailor Moon)
Comments: I made these kind of last minute before Otakon 2008 to go with Plutoís costume. They are just made out of a piece of scrap plastic I had and painted with stain glass paint so theyíd look better.

Project #35 - Selphie's Nunchaku "Crescent Wish" (Final Fantasy VIII)
Comments: I really like how these came out, because Iíd never made anything like it really. I didnít think I would be able to make nunchaku, but as long as the rods arenít any thicker than 1Ē I can. They are really strong and durable (though I wouldnít recommend swinging them around or anything) I like making things that involve chain because itís interesting to put it together.

Project #36 - Rinoa's Weapon "Shooting Star" (Final Fantasy VIII)
Comments: This was hard to make because it was a large circle (basically) that I formed out into the individual wings. I was trying to make them as even as possible and I think it came out really nice.

Project #37 - Sailor Saturn's Glaive "Silence Glaive" (Sailor Moon)
Comments: Pretty standard, canít remember anything being very hard. It was cool how the butt of the glaive came out, and the whole thing is pretty sturdy. Carved the head of the glaive (just under the blade) out of a solid piece, so that was cool.

Project #38 - Sakura's Feathers (Tsubasa)
Comments: It was just a piece of hard felt that I cut into feathers. I wanted each of us to carry around a feather from Sakura for our costumes (we were going to do Tsubasa but canceled it).

Project #39 - Lucy/Kohta's Music Box (Elfen Lied)
Comments: I wanted something I could carry around/a prop for Lucy since she doesnít have a weapon (she pretty much IS a weapon : x ) And I had a picture of her holding the music box, so I decided to make that. It doesnít play music or anything but it looks just like the box from the show.

Project #40 - Sailor Neptune's Mirror "Deep Aqua Mirror" (Sailor Moon)
Comments: I started this project 01/09 and didnít work on it for very long due to other projects I intended for the upcoming convention Otakon (never attended though) Since then I had many other projects lined up and this one just fell behind. I will hopefully finish it in the future.

Project #41 - Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu's Medallions (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Comments: These were pretty easy, except Hikaruís medallion, the ends of the sun kept breaking off as I was sanding (but itís fixed now : D ) Just simple flat carvings, the hardest thing was finding ribbon for them all, so I am just gonna do that last.

Project #42 - Sailor Venus' Henshin Wand (Sailor Moon Super S)
Comments: This was a fairly easy project as far as size and work load goes. It was a little difficult getting the star to look right at the top. But even such a small cap is still a bit of work. (I call it a cap when I have to construct the head of an object that will slide down onto a staff head/sword hilt etc. It has to have a hole in the center to go over the dowel, but since my projects are created with layering pieces of wood, it takes some designing to make the cuts right.)

Project #43 - Yuri's Claws "Nightbird's Claws" (Shadow Hearts)
Comments: This is something that was kind of hard/easy at the same time. Itís always hard to carve any kind of hand-held weapons because you have to account for hand size and such, itís hard to build around your own hand while youíre trying to design it. And for these I had to make the finger holes bigger so I could hold them because I have larger hands. You also need to take into account if you are going to be wearing any gloves. The carving part of it was easy itís a simple 2-D construction, the trickiest part was carving out all the grooves in it.

Project #44 - Anubis' (Kale) Katana (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers)
Comments: This sword was easy to make, it only gained a difficulty level of 3 because curved blades are difficult to carve and shape. Other than that the sword itself is very plain without any detailed carvings.

Project #45 - Squall's Gunblade "Lion Heart" (Final Fantasy VIII)
Comments: This is the first gun Iíve made where I didnít break the trigger at least once and have to repair it. Itís also the first weapon with any kind of moving piece (the barrel spins : D ) For the record, Faiís staff is meant to appear like its floating, not meant to move.

Project #46 - "Ceremonial Dagger" (MIR Original)
Comments: I though beveling the blade was going to be easy, but actually it was quite a pain in the ass, involving a lot of measuring and a good eye. I love the way it came out, as well as the cross guard, which I carved from a solid piece. I made a matching sheath but it doesnít quite look right. I think dagger sheaths are better left to be made from leather, not wood.

Project #47 - "Sword" (MIR Original)
Tom wanted a sword like the dagger I had made for Marie, so I made him one to sort of match it. I did it kind of quick because he wanted to take it to the PA Renaissance Faire with him. It came out nice; I put a lot of extra gloss on it to protect the paint because I knew he was going to throw it around. So far, so good : )
11/15/09=Tom managed to break his sword, cracking the grip right out from the cross guard. As of 11/24/09 I fixed it like new.
01/16/11=I'm amazed but this sword still lives!

Project #48 - "Frostmourne" The Lich King's Sword (World of Warcraft: WotLK)
Comments: YeahÖ. Iíd like to see me do it too. So far the smallest things Iíve had to carve have been the hardest (carving the designs into the rings on the grip) This projects has been postponed for a while due to upcoming conventions.

Project #49 - Ezio's Wrist Blades (Assassin's Creed II)
Comments: The whole first idea of construction ended up a fail. Second attempt different design for the internal workings came out great. Theyíre thin but I believe theyíre pretty durable, they donít seem like theyíre going to fall apart. Got a high difficulty rating just because of its construction. It was the first thing Iíve ever had to do with any kind of moving part (Squallís gunblade wasnít vital, I just wanted to see if I could do it : D ) Took a lot of research and brainstorming to understand how to make it, thanks Candice!

Project #50 - Ninja Kunai (Naruto)
Comments: Pretty easy actually, it only took one piece of wood to complete. The hardest part was shaping the blade. Dropped it and broke the tip once, but it repaired fine. I think I'd like to remake this project in the future to change its shape a bit.

Project #51 - Ninja Shuriken (Naruto)
Comments: Could have been bigger and flatter, it seems a little small from the pic I have. But overall it was simple and the shaping came out well

Project #52 - Kingdom Key (Kingdom Hearts)
(I had intended to start making weapons to sell, and this is the first one. Since I have no use for it/cosplay etc)

Comments: Made this for the intention to sell it someday. I really had no other reason for making it. Itís one of the more popular weapons/animes/games. It came out good, itís very sturdy and I donít think it will break anytime soon. You can even remove the keychain at the end because itís attached with a claw clip ^_^

Project #53 - Axel's Chakrams (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Comments: The worst thing about this project was drawing the first designÖ I hate circles e.e and this one was exceptionally annoying to get perfect because all of the angles of the blades had to match up. As long as you watch out for the tips of the blades this is pretty damn sturdy. Rated at a 3 difficulty because of just how much carving went into it, because I needed so many layers... damn plywood. NO MORE PLYWOOD PROJECTS FOR A WHILE!!

Project #54 - Temari's Fan (Naruto)
Comments: Didnít hardly involve any actual carving. Itís only difficulty was in the designing phase, it was very hard to figure out sizing, width and depth of the wood to use to make the fan slats. Weíll see if it stands up! It works! It's able to be opened and closed very carefully and held up the entire convention. This image is before the fabric was pasted on.

Project #55 - Aqua's Keyblade "Brightcrest" (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
Comments: I tend to like things that are straight lines, etc. Curves and circles annoy me and this is all of the above >.< Anyway Iíve already broken my idea of not doing anymore plywood projects for a whileÖ boo.

Project #56 - Fairy Stars Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
Easy to sketch so far, the only hard thing to cut out will be the stars, etc.
03/08/2011 Ė The stars are a bitch to draw, especially free-hand. Got two layers done, need one more and then Iím going into detail for the raised parts. Still looking for some rings for the keychain, making the stars out of wood, still on the lookout for either some green rings or silver ones I can paint and/or wrap up in floral tape to make them green.
03/13/2011 Ė Bulk of the carving is done, just doing the little raised parts for detail. Stars are a pain in the ass to cut out without breakage.
04/24/2011 Ė I hate blending paint >.<

Project #57 - Terra's Keyblade "End of the Earth" (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) - TERMINATED

Project #58 - Vanitasí Keyblade ďVoid GearĒ (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)

Project #59 - Zackís Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)
04/20/2011 Ė Holy crap this thing is a bitch
04/25/2011 Ė Simple design not many details itís just a big sucker. Wish I would have had access to insulation foam or something else to make the inside out of.

Project #60 - Asumaís Trench Knives (Naruto) (Project# 60)
Easy-ness. Solid piece of wood, pretty durable and easy to make. Something that is easily repeatable I would like to make this in the future to sell. Rory likes it!!

Project #61 - Ryuuís ďDragon Fang SwordĒ (RG Veda) (Project# 61)
03/12/12 Ė GODDAMMIT CLAMP stop making such big ass swords!! [email protected]#$!& Aside from that I do see a pattern in the way all the clamp swords are made lol. It looks very much like Fuuís and Hikaruís.
03/17/12 Ė Itís St. Partickís day!! :D Anyway update yea.. hmm I broke a fragile piece today and had to fix it. So far itís the only weapon Iíve made thatís intended to be a composite. The hilt is separate from the blade itself and can be disassembled.
07/16/2012 Ė Giving this a high difficulty rating because of all the carving involved. Itís exactly like the dragon from Kuroganeís Sword carving the detail out of a solid block of woodÖ and it has to be done mostly by hand. Just seems to be taking forever to get the shape right.

Project #62 - ďEarth SwordĒ (T.G.R. Original) (Project# 62)
Comments: Didn't take long to complete this one so I never took any pictures. I made this for Tom just because he was being good the end of the school year. I really want to make him the Master Sword from LoZ Windwaker

Project #63 - CHIBI KEYS - Kingdom Key (Kingdom Hearts) (Project# 63)
06/21/2012 Ė ItísÖ soÖ cute XD
Haha. This one wasn't so bad. It's a 1/2 scale model of the original keyblade size. I hope to make little chibi versions of the keyblades I have already made in normal size (mostly because I know the designs and all that, just need to scale them down)

Project #64 - Pumpkinhead Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts) (Project# 64)
07/16/2012 Ė For the record I started this project on a Friday the 13th XD Second of all itís a bitch to carve this thing with all the little detail pieces, it reminds me of carving a pumpkin (no pun intended) Because if I crack anything the whole thing is pretty much screwed e.e; And the edges are very sleek and squared so itís hard to cover errors.
07/17/2012 Ė I really like this keyblade. Despite the intricate detail for cutouts itís just flat with no depth to carve into it, besides Jackís head. Thatís something that has to be TOTALLY perfect (like the mickey head on the keyblade) because itís so iconic.
09/05/2012 Ė Took a solid square of wood to carve the pumpkin from, itís awesome. The whole keyblade is pretty durable but the pumpkin is made of softer wood and may be easier to squish.

Project #65 - ďFire SwordĒ (TGR Original)
No pics because it's not very detailed and it was made pretty fast and easy. I carved this for Tom from a drawing he drew himself, so he could see his art come to life : )

Project #66 - Screwed Fuzion: Knife ďScrewedĒ (M.I.R. Original)
Comments: Simple, with clean straight cuts (besides a tiny bit of detail) I love it.

Project #67 CHIBI KEYS(2) Ė Oathkeeper Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)
11/06/2012 Ė Forgot to post that I postponed this due to other projects that came up with time constraints. It will be put on the backburner for now, but I do want to finish it later on when Iíve got some spare time to carve.

Project #68 Heihachi's Katana (Samurai 7)
Comments: Pretty easy design. Normally I make sword handles by inserting a dowel into a hole at the base of the cross-guard area. Because the diameter of the handle was larger than that of any dowel I have I had to carve it from a solid squared piece until it was rounded. (with katanas the handles are normally more oval shaped and flatter)

Project #69 Auron's Katana (Final Fantasy X)
10/01/2012 Ė Holy damn this sword is so freaking WONKY. I do NOT like curved things theyíre a bitch, and very hard to measure and get the right slope/angle.
10/14/2012 Ė The original design IS working where I was planning on cutting the sword blade in half and making it able to separate there. But now Iíve been rethinking it and debating on just making it the handle like I did with Ryuís. Going to see which works best. Being able to connect it in the center would make it smaller to pack (about 2í5Ē each piece. If I do it at the handle it would separate at about 1í and 3Ē which would still be workable)
10/21/2012 Ė Using the handle as the removable piece is the most stable way to make it. Iíll probably use this if I ever need to take apart a sword again. The separation at the center didn't work with this one because of the curve. I'm sure it would work on a straight sword.

Project #70 Tidus' Sword (Final Fantasy X)
10/30/2012 Ė Well this one is fairly easy as far as carving. The design was annoying because I had to transfer it via a grid in order to get proportions right. Then when I thought I had them right (and had already carved the whole blade out) I realized that the sword was too big. Iím going by comparison with Auronís sword which definitely appears larger than Tidusí. Auronís sword is 4í 10Ē and Tidusí was the same. I decided to cut off about 4 inches today which wasnít as simple as just cutting out a chunk. Because of its curves and points I had to take two 2Ē sections off the top and bottom to maintain the shape but I am more happy with it now.
11/01/2012 Ė It cracked in halfÖ just completely broke into two pieces. I figured out it was because the side made of balsawood (while light) was too soft to hold up the other side made of basswood (what I typically make swords from a bit firmer) So I had to completely rip off the one side and rebuild it with all basswood which set me back a lot of time and work I had original done.
11/20/2012 Ė Well by an unlucky turn of events the garage ceiling had a leak from the kitchen sink and it dripped right down onto the sword for at least a whole day. The wood all up by the handle warped and separated in places. Had to cut off and sand down, then re-attach a few points on it. But all in all I managed to actually fix it.

Project #71 Rikku's Claws (Final Fantasy X)
10/21/2012 Ė Not looking forward to even TRYING to design this one u.u
11/11/2012 Ė I thinkÖ I figured it out, crossing fingers, hope this works.

Project #72 ďRaptors BaneĒ (M.I.R. Original)
12/18/2012 Ė Wasnít a bad project at all. It was simply a lot of shaping which would have been better had I not used three different textures of wood.

Project #73a The Master Sword (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Easy, although I messed up the pommel a bit. Not too worried about it because itís only a prop for Tom and he wonít notice a little error on it >.>

Project #73b The Master Sword (sheath) (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)

Project #74 Mirror Shield (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Pretty easy to make. Iíve only made one other shield before (for LoZ too) and Iím still sort of perfecting that. Itís coming out all right, just not exactly going to be reflective because I donít want to put any kind of metal on it since itís for my nephew.

Project #75 Boss Key (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
Forgot to take pics for this one. Not bad just some delicate pieces to carve out like the little key parts.

Project #76 Teapot (Alice: Madness Returns)

Project #77 (Unknown source)

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