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- Things stated as "M.I.R. original" are weapons of my own artwork and design
- Things stated as "T.G.R original" are things my nephew Tom has drawn/inspired, and I've made for him : ) All of the weapons I carve for him have extra rounded edges (no sharp points) so they are safe for him to play with.
- I DO NOT claim any rights to any of the guide images I use/post for reference. With the exception of artwork I myself have drawn.

- 'On hold' projects are ones I have started but have postponed working on due to deadlines of other projects, or simply losing interest in them. I do plan to finish these but it may be a while because I'm easily distracted by new things >.>
- 'In the works' projects are my current project(s) I tend to work on 2 or 3 at a time because when I'm waiting for something to dry, etc I can work on another one in that time.

Degree of difficulty:
(each project will have a rating as follows)
1-Uber easy (child’s play)
4-Hard (annoying)
5-Extremely difficult (AKA: holy hell what did I get myself into...)

Durability rating:
(each project will have a rating as follows)
1-Fragile (has delicate carvings or attachments that are easily damaged, or is structurally unstable. Not to be thrown around)
2-Average (perfectly stable, would take a hard hit to break)
3-Indestructable (self-explanatory ^^)

Project Progress
Details, comments, pics all on how my projects were in the making
About me
Stuff about me, project materials, and other useless information : )

Original Weapons
(My own original creations)
- Tuxedo Mask's Steampunk Cane (M.I.R. Original)
- Sailor Uranus' Steampunk Sword (Original art by Danielle Brock Houlne)
- "Lark" (M.I.R. Original)
- "Wing Katana" (M.I.R. Original)
- Chibi Katana (T.G.R. Original)
- Chibi Katana (T.G.R. Original)
- "Twin Asuma Knuckles" (M.I.R. Original)
- "Pirate Cutlass" (M.I.R. Original)
- Katana (M.I.R. Original)
- "Raptors Bane" (M.I.R. Original)
- Knife "Screwed" (Screwed Fuzion ~ M.I.R. Original)
- "Fire Sword" (T.G.R. Original)
- "Earth Sword" (T.G.R. Original)
- "Sword" (T.G.R. Original)
- "Ceremonial Dagger" (M.I.R. Original)
- "Keiran's" Sword (M.I.R. Original)
- Hand Blade (M.I.R. Original)

(Compound bows, longbows, etc)
- Roy's Bow (Young Justice)
- Artemis' Bow (Young Justice)
- Serah's Bow "Starseeker" (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Chibi Weapons
(Small replicas of weapons.. just out of boredom >.>)
- "Dark Repulser (simplified) (Sword Art Online)
- "Elucidator" (simplified) (Sword Art Online)
- "Oblivion" Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts 2)
- "Oathkeeper" Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts 2)
- "Kingdom Key" (Kingdom Hearts)
- Squall's Gunblade "Lion Heart" (Final Fantasy VIII)
- Cloud's Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

(Guns, Gunblades)
~ Not a fan of guns, usually end up making these props for other people ~
- Zoe's Shotgun (Firefly)
- Mal's Pistol (Firefly)
- "Vera" (Firefly)
- Kid's Death Cannons (Soul Eater)
- Squall's Gunblade "Griever" (Final Fantasy VIII)
- Sakura's Gun (Tsubasa)
- Seifer's Gunblade "Hyperion" (Final Fantasy VIII)

Hand-held weapons
(hand held blades that don't fall into the knife category including sais, brass knuckles, claws etc)
- Cheshire's Sais (Young Justice)
- Rikku's Claw (Final Fantasy X)
- Asuma's Trench Knives (Naruto)
- Axel's Chakrams (Kingdom Hearts 2)
- Ezio's Wrist Blades (Assassin's Creed II)
- Yuri's Claws "Nightbird's Claw" (Shadow Hearts)
- Yuri's Claws "Chimera's Claw" (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)

- Bond of Flame Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts 2)
- One Winged Angel Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)
- Pumpkinhead Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)
- Vanitas' Keyblade "Void Gear" (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
- "Fairy Stars" Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
- Aqua's Keyblade "Brightcrest" (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
- "Kingdom Key" (Kingdom Hearts)
- "Oblivion" Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts 2)
- "Oathkeeper" Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts 2)

(knives, daggers, sabers, short blades etc)
- Ninja Kunai (Naruto)
- Kidd's Dagger (Chrono Cross)

Miscellaneous weapons
(weapons that are undefined or don't fit into other categories)
- Luna P (Sailor Moon)
- Hope's Boomerang "Airwing" (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
- Tsubaki Kusarigama form/half (Soul Eater)
- Amethyst's Whip (Steven Universe)
- S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. (Codename: Kids Next Door)
- Professor Neuhaus' Compass (Ao No Exorcist)
- Teapot (Alice: Madness Returns)
- Temari's Fan (Naruto)
- Ninja Shuriken (Naruto)
- Sailor Neptune's Mirror "Deep Submerge Mirror" (Sailor Moon)
- Rinoa's Weapon "Shooting Star" (Final Fantasy VIII)
- Selphie's Nunchaku "Crescent Wish" (Final Fantasy VIII)
- Meru's Hammer (Legend of Dragoon)

(spears, halberds, axes etc)
- Sailor Saturn's Glaive "Silence Glaive" (Sailor Moon)

- Spirit (Soul Eater)
- Soul (Soul Eater)

- Mirror Shield (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
- Hylian Shield (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

- Sailor Pluto's Steampunk Staff (Sailor Moon)
- Syaoran's Staff (Tsubasa)
- Yuna's Staff "Guillionaire" (Final Fantasy X)
- Fai's Staff (Tsubasa)
- Sailor Pluto's Staff (Sailor Moon)
- Sailor Cosomos' Staff (Sailr Moon)

(broadswords, katanas, rapiers etc)
- Noel's Sword "Flame Fossil" (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
- Jecht's Sword (Final Fantasy X)
- Grecian Xiphos (Unknown)
- The Master Sword (restored) (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
- The Master Sword: Sheath (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
- Tidus' Sword (Final Fantasy X)
- Auron's Katana (Final Fantasy X)
- Heihachi's Katana (Samurai 7)
- Ryuu's "Dragon Fang" Sword (RG Veda)
- Zack's Sword (Final Fantasy VII)
- "Frostmourne" The Lich King's Sword (World of Warcraft: WotLK)
- Anubis' Katana (Ronin Warriors)
- Hikaru's Sword (Magic Knight Rayearth)
- Fuu's Sword (Magic Knight Rayearth)
- Umi's Rapier (Magic Knight Rayearth)
- The Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
- The Master Sword: Sheath (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
- Beatrix's Sword (Final Fantasy 9)
- Dart's Sword (Legend of Dragoon)
- Demon Sword "Morgif" (Kyo Kara Maoh)
- Kurogane's Katana (Tsubasa)
- Arashi's Katana (X)

Non-weapon Props/Accessories
- Lulu's Hairpins (Final Fantasy X)
- Dr. Franken Stein's Bolt (Soul Eater)
- Boss Key (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
- Sailor Venus's Hensin Wand (Sailor Moon Super S)
- Hikaru, Umi and Fuu's Medallions (Magic Knight Rayearth)
- Lucy/Kohta's Music Box (Elfen Lied)
- Sakura's Feather (Tsubasa)
- Sailor Pluto's Earrings (Sailor Moon)
- Fai's Coat Buckles (Tsubasa)
- Yuri's Talisman "Periapt" (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
- Gurdy's Moogle Pompom (Final Fantasy XII)
- Sailor Cosmos' Brooch-and other accessories (Sailor Moon)
- Diclonius Horns (Elfen Lied)
- Wicked Lady's Earrings (Sailor Moon)
- Hige's Collar (Wolf's Rain)
- Kidd's Necklace (Chrono Cross)

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