Hi, my name is Maggie ^^ This is a short little self-bio about me and some of my favorite hobbies/things. I started out liking medieval weaponry, then I ran into anime and BOOM. The two collided : D I started making weapons/props for my friends for our Otakon Cosplay costumes and found that I had a real knack for making them look good. My first ever big weapon was the Oathkeeper Keyblade (I have my weapons numbered in the order they were made on my Projects page) When that came out well, I began making others. So far I've completed over 70 projects. But right now it's my favorite of all hobbies ^_^

Project Stuff:
Materials I use:
- Craft Plywood
- Basswood
- Balsawood
- Wooden dowels
- Elmer's wood glue
- Elmer's wood putty/filler
- Acrylic paint
- Various chains/ribbons/addons such as plastic/styrofoam balls, stones or plastic balls for gems/etc
That's a good sum up, basically it varies based on weapons type. Swords are typically made of Basswood because it's easier to carve and is very easy to sand/detail intricate designs; also because it's long and a bit thicker than plywood. Staffs heads are usually plywood because it's more durable and holds up to being held at the end of a long stick without breaking or cracking. Keyblades are also normally plywood because of their size (I can only buy Basswood in sheets that are 4" x 24" but I can buy plywood in sheets of 12" x 24") Also I don't have any kind of electric cutting tool so everything is hand carved with an X-acto knife, and I can only carve through a thickness of plywood of about 1/8th so the keyblades are normally made by 3 layers of that.

Why do I have so many unfinished projects?
Well, I either get ideas/commissions from friends or come up with random things that I really want to have as my own (cause they're cool XD Like the kingdom key!) But when I get something that's on a time constraint I drop all current projects to the back of the line. I never forget about them, I just plan to come back at a later date and finish them. There are some projects I listed in the spur of the moment (such as weapons from Legend of Dragoon, Lavitz's spear and Albert's javelin) that I really have no use for I just thought they were cool. While I probably won't complete them anytime soon I don't drop numbers, instead I retire them to work on some other time.

Some of my favorite anime/other things are:
Elemental Gelade, Gravitation, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist), Kyo Kara Maoh (God? Save our King!), Magic Knight Rayearth, Naruto, Super GALS!, Tsubasa, Tokyo Babylon, Unico, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors), Wolf's Rain, Yu Yu Hakusho

Black Knight, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Disgaea, Earthian FAKE, Golden Cain, Gravitation, Gravitation EX, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist), In Dream World, Innocent Bird, Kizuna: Bonds of Love, Legal Drug, Level C, PHD Phantasy Degree, Psychic Academy, Selfish Love, Skyscrapers of Oz, Star Cross'd Destiny, Wild Rock, Wish

Azure Dreams, Fullmetal Alchemist: Curse of the Crimson Elixir, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia: Duel Saga, Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Shadow of Destiny, SoulCalibur III, Zelda (All Zelda games)

Other Stuffs
Animals, Birds, Making wooden weapons, Otakon, Writing (stories, some short some long), and I'm sure a lot of things that I can't think of right now.